Tuesday, September 18, 2007

If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go - Mark Twain

Juan Antonio Gomez
Happiness in the Tobacco Fields – 1984-85 Harvest
1984 EP (DOR)

Tobacco has always been the most valuable resource of Cuba. The first plantations were set up in the 18th century and rapidly expanded over the island. For many years tobacco has been the second exportable product of Cuba after sugar.

Cuban cigars were always noted as probably the best in the whole world. No wonder it was Cuba which became the source for tobacco seeds for other areas like Philippines.

After the WW2 the USA was the main market for Cuban tobacco, which to greatest disappointment of American smoking connoisseurs expired due to the embargo. USSR turned up and started purchasing the cigars instead. Russian stores, which could not boast of much food and goods on the shelves, had stacks of perfect Cuban cigars and quality rum to offer. They were mildly priced, which allowed soviet citizens to fully enjoy the genuine Cuban goods. Also it was rumored that American embassy officials were purchasing large boxes of cigars and sending them by diplomatic mail to the USA, profiting greatly by the scheme.

The poster above celebrates the great tobacco harvest of 1984—85. Now the vintage cigars rolled of the tobacco year 1984 cost thousands of dollars on the market.


Justin said...

oh my god this is one of the best blog ideas ever, KEEP EM COMING!

ggoodrich said...

This is a good poster to celebrate the success of Cuban cigarette over the years!

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