Sunday, September 16, 2007

The road is long and full of difficulties.

International week of solidarity with Latin America
A. Perez, 1970

After the WW2 the colonial empires in Africa, Asia and Latin America started to weaken and finally expired in the seventies. But after getting rid of the exploiter’s regimes the former colonies faced a great problem of underdevelopment, as the metropolitan states had been sucking resources for their own benefit only. While the Cold War was raging both the USA and the Soviet Union were trying to impose influence on countries which had internal economical problems and could choose either “capitalist” or “socialist” way of development. And although this promised great benefits, the Latin American countries were trying to help each other on their own, understanding that sometimes free foreign aid costs too much.

The week of solidarity was an event which was uniting the countries of Latin America. There were demonstrations, festivals, meetings, protest actions organized worldwide by the leftist political forces. Also during this week common people were gathering funds and humanitarian aid. The poster above shows the South American continent as a hand holding a rifle tight, declaring that Latin American countries can stick up for themselves.

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