Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's clobberin' time!

Youth Friendship Games
Estela Dias, 1971 EP for INDER

Wrestling and boxing are highly popular in Cuba. Lots of Cuban sportsmen became champions worldwide - a fencer Ramon Fonst, an amateur boxer Teofilo Stevenson, hero athlet Alberto Juantorena.

There are many clubs and training facilities operating in Cuba. Making a good career in sport is definitely an option for many a young Cuban boys, not to mention the joy of winning itself. INDER is a National Institute of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation which supervises the development of sport in Cuba. One of its main activities is organization of Youth Friendship Games, where young talents could get admission to the competitions of higher level. And of course an event of such scale could not live without a colorful and energetic poster.

Water is the source of life!

Faustino Perez
Save it, 1983 EP

This is an amazing graphic work which calls upon water saving. It was created for Columbia's Podder's Popular (People Power) - a political organization emerged from the Liberal Party of Columbia. Supposedly it was also displayed in Cuba as the problem of water saving was also acute there.

Various shortages occurred after the great embargo had been imposed on Cuba in 1962 as a result of confiscation of property of the USA citizens and corporations on the island. USSR did its best to replace the valuable trade relations with the USA by providing subsidies and trade preferences in return for the loyalty to the communist ideology. Nevertheless this was not enough and finally the infrastructure wore out and the shortages started to happen.