Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's clobberin' time!

Youth Friendship Games
Estela Dias, 1971 EP for INDER

Wrestling and boxing are highly popular in Cuba. Lots of Cuban sportsmen became champions worldwide - a fencer Ramon Fonst, an amateur boxer Teofilo Stevenson, hero athlet Alberto Juantorena.

There are many clubs and training facilities operating in Cuba. Making a good career in sport is definitely an option for many a young Cuban boys, not to mention the joy of winning itself. INDER is a National Institute of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation which supervises the development of sport in Cuba. One of its main activities is organization of Youth Friendship Games, where young talents could get admission to the competitions of higher level. And of course an event of such scale could not live without a colorful and energetic poster.


posterboy said...

Many of the Cuban posters on this site are lifted directly from my book "Revolucion! Cuban poster art" and took a lot of work to document, catalog, and prepare for publication. I'd consider it a basic professional courtesy to at least be given item credit and a link to my site,

Alexander Zakharov said...

Are you Lincoln Cushing? Oh, it's a pleasure seeing you here. :)

Yes, i should apologise for not giving credit to your work. Actually this all started with a small folder of cuban posters on my computer, i had collected a year ago. And only after i started the Posters of Cuba i came across your book which i bought immediately and which did impress me greatly. :)

Well, the thing is that i was not sure about the copyrights with these posters. As for the soviet art (my other project you can do virtually anything with these soviet posters, assuming you do not reproduce some of them in print in Russian Federation.

Well, back to the Cuban Posters. ;) Of course i would gladly provide links to your website and your book. In a couple of minutes i'll embed it in the main page. Will it do? Please write to me any time at I will be most pleased to talk to you further ;)

With best regards,
Alexander Zakharov

posterboy said...

Reply, good. Lifting images from a book presents certain problems, not the least of which is that for some of them (especially the wrestler image) I put in about three hours in Photoshop to clean it up from a crummy slide, so it' at least three layers of other-peoples-work - the original artist, the photodocumentor, and the book author. Use in web sites like this in not a real problem, but this poster has also appeared for sale as "reprints" on eBay, which is a real no-no.

Alexander Zakharov said...

Lincoln, so what would you suggest?

It is easier for me to drop this blog if you insist rather than do anything about copyrights, which certainly belong to you and to the artists and which i do respect. Cuban Poster is one of the several projects i have, besides doing a full time job and having a family ;)

As for the reprints on Ebay - this is definitely not my work, as i don't have neither intention nor time to do this. And the quality of pics i publish here is not good enough to print it in 10*15, not to mention A4 or A3.

Above all i don't profit from the blog except for several cents through Adsense. It is just for fun on my part.

But I suppose it's you who could get some promotion from Cuban Posters as there are quite a few people who may be interested in the topic. My main blog Soviet Posters has a couple of thousand of visitors a day without any efforts on my side. So any Cuban Poster visitor who comes to the book store and sees "Revolucion!" is a actually a potential byer, isn't he?

I hope we will sort this one out, Lincoln.

With best regards,
Alexander Zakharov